Lunch Program

Alphabet Kids

This year, lunches will be ordered from Alphabet Kids, a kosher lunch program, that's been helping busy parents and their children in schools, camps and childcare since 1993. Including made-to-order custom lunches with classic favourites and daily meal plans! Snacks & drinks are available for purchase à la carte.

**All ordering is done online by 5PM the day before. ** This allows for more flexibility, as you can order on any day you wish and from various menu choices.

How to order

Click on the “Order Now” button below or visit
All ordering is done online by 5PM the day before.

If you’ve ordered with Alphabet Kids before

If you ordered last year or during the school year, you can log in using your normal username and password.

If you ordered during the school year, you will need to change your child's location to Centre Camp. You can do this by clicking on the edit button on your calendar.

If you’re new to Alphabet Kids

  1. Click “Sign Up” to create a Parent/Guardian account
  2. Add your children individually by clicking the plus button above your calendar. The lunches arrive sorted by lunch shift and your child's grade, so please fill out as much information as possible.

Important Notes

  • You can order a day at a time or for the whole summer at once
  • Always return to your calendar to confirm your order was processed and payment was successful.
  • Incomplete orders will appear in blue.
  • All ordering is done online by 5PM the day before.

Click here for more support

Step-by-step guide


  1. Once you’ve added your children, you order for them individually.
  2. Select your child from the drop down list
  3. Select “Menu” on the day you want to make your order
  4. Choose your items by clicking the checkbox
  5. scroll down to the bottom and click “Order”.
  6. If you have more than one child, repeat this process for each child.

To repeat your order

  1. Navigate to the Order Details page
  2. Click on the calendar button
  3. Select your preferred dates
  4. Click "Repeat Order"
  5. Once you've completed your orders, select "Checkout"
  6. Verify your order is correct and follow the prompts to pay online

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